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Stylish Storage – Making your walk-in wardrobe work for you

The bedroom of your luxury property would not be complete without some kind of storage system, and a walk-in wardrobe adds a sense of longed-for luxury as well as function. Here are some ways to get the most out of your walk-in wardrobe.

Design around you

What you wear says a lot about you. It will also determine how you organise your wardrobe space. Have you got more shoes than you can count? Then a dedicated shoe display would be more useful to you than, say, an expansive tie rack. Similarly, if you have a large number of dresses or coats, long top-to-bottom storage space is needed to house your collection. 

Walk-in wardrobes vary in size – some have room for a dressing area while others are more practical spaces. If your space can accommodate more than just your clothing, think about what you would use the room for. Electrical points, seating and other considerations could transform your wardrobe into a personal haven. 

Storage that works

Whether your walk-in interior is custom-built or off the shelf, it needs to be functional as well as beautiful. Glass-covered display racks, for example, would be perfect for storing jewellery and watches. Fragile items like hats may need sturdy protection from accidental damage.

All items of clothing benefit from being stored in cool, dry spaces, out of direct sunlight. Ensure that your walk-in is free of humidity by including ventilation points. In damp properties, a dehumidifier can go a long way towards keeping your things safe, and this could be hidden away in a specially-built compartment.

Finally, you need to be able to reach your clothing. If you are not blessed with height, a retractable clothes rail can help you utilise all of the room’s vertical space without the need for a stepstool. A library-style ladder could also work in larger spaces, letting you get to the farther reaches easily.

The latest trends

In recent years, having a walk-in wardrobe space has gone from luxury to must-have, even in small bedrooms. Its function has also changed slightly, with practical additions like laundry baskets and ironing facilities being built in.

Despite these practical elements, walk-in wardrobe design has focused on the creation of intimate and personal spaces, with organisation systems tailored to their owners’ needs. The bespoke walk-in wardrobe is the ultimate expression of personal style.

To sum up…

Before getting started on designing your perfect walk-in wardrobe, you must think about what you want the space to achieve and how it can suit your collection. If you’re stuck for ideas, expert craftsmen and designers can help bring your vision to life. What are you waiting for? Start sketching your dream walk-in today!