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Maintaining your luxury car in Malta

Whether you love the high-tech machinery under the hood, appreciate the safety features or simply enjoy the feeling of driving a powerful machine, owning a luxury car is an experience that rewards every time you turn the key. But there are some things to consider. Here’s our advice for owning a luxury car in Malta.

Luxury car means a luxury garage

There is little scope in purchasing a luxury car when you don’t have the facilities to take care of it. At the very least, a garage space will protect your car from the elements and prevent it falling victim to vandalism and burglary.

For the more hands-on owner, a garage is also where routine cleaning and maintenance can take place, with all the necessary equipment to do so. If you take pride in cleaning your car, a garage with water and electricity connections will take the stress out of the wash and wax.

Real petrolheads can outfit a garage to be able to perform more in-depth modifications and upgrades. Really ramp up the possibilities with a car lift, compressed air pump and tool cleaning station.

Hit the road

Malta is a small island but there are several streets that allow the luxury car owner to enjoy the full range of what their vehicle can do. Large, modern stretches like the Coast Road and the St Paul’s Bay bypass offer wide lanes and smooth tarmac, to really let those big motors stretch their legs.

The smaller villages on the island are known for their picturesque winding streets, picking their way between centuries-old houses and tiny squares. They may be beautiful but the core areas of these villages are not well suited to particularly large cars, which might find it difficult to negotiate the tight corners and narrow streets.

Malta has recently begun an upgrade of its road network, which means the quality of road services and traffic management is set to improve. Until then however, motorists keen on keeping their machine in top shape would do well to drive prudently – potholes have claimed many a wheel rim over the years!

Luxury car services

A clean car means a happy owner and there are many high-end valeting services available around the island. Some offer a mobile service, coming to the customer at a convenient time and place. These services are especially useful for those who travel regularly during the day or those without convenient access to a traditional brick-and-mortar valet business.

Those who prefer the services of an established valet service can take advantage of several car valeting garages, some of which specialise in hand washing and detailing with high-end products.

To sum up:

The feeling of owning and driving a luxury vehicle is simply unbeatable. Luxury car maintenance in Malta is easier than ever before, thanks to a growing industry built around offering these services. So if you love luxury cars and want to own on in Malta, go for it!