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Luxury Interior Design Trends in Malta

Whether you prefer a stark, modern, minimalist look, or a more rustic, homely style, there are various luxury design trends in Malta that can help you achieve your preferred décor.

If you’ve recently moved to Malta, you may be surprised by the number of interior design outlets and house shops that pepper this small island; however, there’s a perfectly logical explanation for this – the Maltese are extremely house proud and aptly suit the saying that ‘a man’s home is his castle’.

Whether you want to spruce up your outdoor space or liven up your indoor area, there are plenty of luxury interior design trends that have hit the island in line with their European counterparts.

  • The Luxury Kitchen

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home; a room that you just cannot do without. It’s where you make your cup of coffee in the morning, where you gather with your friends or family over dinner, and possibly where you just hang out reading the paper (or the online version on your tablet). Given that so much time is spent in one room it’s important that its surroundings are aesthetically pleasing. Thus, one of the latest luxury trends in Malta when it comes to kitchen décor is copper. Whether opting for a full polished effect, or the more muted tones of matte copper, including it in your kitchen is the current luxury trend to follow.

  • The Decadence Of Mobile Spa Tubs

Visiting a spa is always a relaxing and pleasurable experience, so imagine being able to lounge in your very own spa within the privacy of your home. Well, it’s possible thanks to the latest luxury mobile spas that you can install in your garden, your backyard, or even your bedroom! With minimal installation required, this is the ultimate luxury commodity.

  • The Timeless Beauty Of Marble

Marble has been in use for thousands of years, dating back to ancient Egyptian culture, and is found in the Palace of Versailles and the Basilica of St Paul, just to name drop a couple of beautiful places. The great thing about marble is that it’s affordable enough to be used throughout the home, while still maintaining the luxury look of palaces. Whether you want to walk all over it, or use it in your bathroom or kitchen, marble is a timeless classic.

  • The Light Choice

From classic diamond-drop chandeliers to ultra-modern lighting designs, lighting options are plentiful, and one of the most important factors in any house. Just like you accessorise your outfit with the latest designer handbag and jewellery, light fixtures are also designed by some famous names within the industry such as the famed Arco floor lamp, Naimh Barry with her Fouette chandelier, the fixtures of Ingo Maurer from Germany, and Italian Rosario Pascuzzi, to name but a few.


Love any of these trends or got more suggestions of your own? Drop us a line – we’d love to hear about them!