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Latest Luxury Trends In Interiors

Every year, the world of interiors is characterised by novel key aspects which serve to influence both designers and shoppers as ideas are introduced transported from interiors fairs to stores and shops, on to become trends. These trends  will link our memory of what was 'in' and how it changed our own interiors that year.

Considering the latest in luxury trends this year, there is room for plenty of excitement. Downplaying the importance of style is definitely not on. Indeed, style is there for the making with many exciting ideas to play around with.

Taking inspiration from some of the latest thrilling possibilities, RE/MAX Collection Malta has come up with a round of luxury suggestions for your consideration: 

Top Interior Trends 

  • Coloured Steel is hot, namely suave and elegant black stainless steel. It is rapidly taking the place of standard silver coloured stainless steel. Obviously imposing itself in kitchens, this novel aspect of steel provides plenty of possibilities to experiment with.
  • Formal dining rooms are back with huge fanfare. There was a time when this room, the very staid and formal room where people sat to eat on Sundays and Christmas, was literally abolished and people just sat and ate in the extended kitchen space. Now the formal dining room with its elegant long table or wide-diameter circular table, or even oval to perfectly serve as go-between, its set of high backed chairs, glittering cutlery and fashion tableware is where we all want to sit to dine. Decorating this room with the full works, adding centrepieces, grand chandeliers, conversation pieces..... the sky is the limit.
  • Marble is a classic, but modern composite materials have recently made it hard for marble to remain fully appreciated. Now back in vogue in all its glory, colours and naturally created designs, marble bids farewell to its hiding and is back where it visibly should. Included in accessories, it is slowly seeping back in our good books.
  • Bidet bidet, where has your '80s popularity gone to? Now the splish-splash of bidet refreshment is de rigeur and every newly fitted bathroom must have one. Some outlandish electronically operated ones may tempt you if you have a big enough wallet.
  • Luxury carpets in kitchens were unheard of, weren't they? Not anymore. They will serve to uplift the room, create excitement in an otherwise humdrum space of culinary toiling. So, pull that coloured carpet out of the living room and enjoy it where you cook.
  • Fireplaces are not always present in Maltese homes. But having a fireplace is most definitely considered a luxury. Get yours fitted in properly by a professional firm. You can look forward to enjoying it next winter. In the meantime, it will add character to whichever room enjoys its presence.
  • Powder rooms with extravagant mirrors are not to be confused with elegant bathrooms. They are those little rooms, placed strategically to allow the mistress of the house special space to touch up make-up without using the loo. It is her cosmetics/hair room, extension to her walk-in wardrobe and where she can enjoy placing her inherited mega mirror dripping in gold leaf gilding. Any opulent mirror will do - as long as the proper lighting is added to it, the mirror on the wall will only help to make her look lovelier.
  • Luxury bathrooms that resemble boudoirs are finally here to stay (for the moment). Gone is the stark and clinical look of a bathroom which resembles the hospital toilette. It's time to get the crystal chandelier, the chaise-longue, the luxury antique tub on legs, the beautiful draperies.... sumptuous bath-time is what you should aim for.
  • 70s interiors and any vintage 70s decor is what designers are raving about. Scour flea markets, visit auction houses, buy online - the 70s are back with a bang. Re-create the look but keep in mind that this is 2016 - don't go overboard.

These an many other ideas are out and about Most hitting Malta, some still yet to grace the real estate Market on the Islands.  Be sure to stay tuned to our blog where we intend to keep you updated with latest happening in the high-end market in Malta.