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Building the perfect wine cellar

Nothing says ‘class’ quite like a wine cellar - but there's so much more that you can do with this space than simply store your collection. Here’s our advice on how to create the perfect wine cellar in Malta.

Be smart about space

The word ‘cellar’ brings to mind an underground space, built beneath ground level. While a subterranean environment is perfect for wine storage – thanks to its stable humidity levels and temperature – a wine store can be built anywhere.

When planning a wine store, the space you intend to use will have an impact on the store’s design. Square footage and height will determine how big your wine store can be.

The next question is how to go about storing your precious collection. Even small spaces can be fitted with clever storage solutions that maximise space without sacrificing visual appeal and accessibility. Bespoke racks and display cases will take your wine cellar from practical storage space to a celebration of wine.

Choose the right wine equipment

Some cellar spaces simply need a thermometer and hygrometer to keep an eye on temperature and humidity, respectively, while other wine stores will require specialised refrigeration to keep the bottles at their best.

Wine pods have grown increasingly popular. These climate-controlled units can be as small or as large as you like, taking up a small corner of your kitchen or an entire room. Wine pods allow you to store your wines appropriately even in spaces that experience frequent changes in atmospheric conditions or that must serve multiple functions. As they are often made of glass, wine pods also let you and your guests admire your collection.

A social space

A wine store can also provide the perfect place to enjoy your wine, not just to store it. A thoughtfully-designed wine store could be the perfect place to host a wine tasting party or to simply sit and sip in a peaceful and relaxing environment. If you wish to create a social space, include seating and decorative features when designing your wine store.

The hottest wine trends of 2019

It has been an exciting year for wine enthusiasts, with several new faces (and some familiar ones) making waves within the industry.

Expanding your wine store? Take a look at these options to round out your collection.

- South Africa, the Etna region of south-east Sicily, and the Loire valley in France have produced remarkable flavours this year
- Sherries are seeing a resurgence of interest that continues on from last year
- Keg wines: a new frontier for wine storage and waste-free serving!
- Sales of fine wines from Italy like Brunello and Barolo have gone up 10%, indicating a renewed interest in these classic regions

To sum up:

The world of wines is continually evolving and, even in Malta, wine collectors looking to stock their wine stores or cellars will have their work cut out for them in narrowing that selection down. With proper wine storage, you will be able to enjoy your acquisitions as they were meant to be enjoyed. So why not get started on planning the ultimate wine storage solution today?