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A Millionaire In Malta

Malta unfailingly attracts people who can enjoy luxury with a capital 'L'. This is not a novelty of our times. Wealth has always lived well on Malta, starting from the times of the Knights of St John whose permanence on the islands attracted foreign princes, dukes and lords from all over Europe.  The curiosity of discovering the intricate pattern of life on this Mediterranean island, always considered a gem in this small sea, has perennially riveted young and old alike.

And indeed the islands are well armed to provide the kind of services that wealthy island hoppers expect to find. Whether they are foreign nationals looking for a primary residence or secondary residence, business people visiting the island with the scope of future investment, second or third generation emigrants popping over to visit long-lost relations, or intellectuals aiming to learn more about the islands' history and culture...... Malta can happily welcome them.

What millionaires should know about Malta is that this island in the Med, whilst not a Santorini or a San Marino, does successfully compete to allow relaxation, excitement, happy spending and some investment along the way. It promises an interesting stay, rich and over-brimming with social activities of all genres.  There are plenty of authentic restaurants that offer mediterranean and other types of cuisine located throughout the Islands.  There are fantastic clubs situated in high rise buildings, wine and cigar bars on the marina and near to the promenade.  There is practically any type of entertainment outlet one could hope for with the luxury of having a unique setting of being close to the sea.


Some wealthy visitors sail in via the magnificent Grand Harbour and there is no better and more spectacular way to start acquainting oneself with Malta. Indeed the Grand Harbour is so beautiful a natural harbour and so majestic, that it elicits emotional tears to most. A first impact is enough to excite the imagination - what would living with a full view of this harbour feel like?

Whilst many locals and foreign nationals boast of owning a boat, it is known that several celebrities will sail in with a full crew aboard a luxury yacht or a larger than life sailing boat.  On a practical side, the facilities to berth such sea vessels safely and conveniently, are found in abundance in yacht marinas such as the ones in the waters of Vittoriosa, Ta'Xbiex or Kalkara, to name but a few.  Spending a set of days in a marina is often required, especially when sailing across the Med, to replenish and refuel as required.  However it is the norm to sail around the islands and enjoy some quiet down-time swimming in some secluded cove. Those who stay longer, will take weekend trips to nearby Sicily, typically stopping over at Pozzallo, Siracusa or Scoglitti.

Private jets

There are several private jet facilities where one may hire out if need be.  Malta, just like being a major hub where several boats are registered has also become an effective location to register a private jet.  Airport connections by taxi or cabs are available to all leading hotels and resorts, since this kind of transport can be accessed easily just before exiting the airport.  However, private chauffeur services are also available and can be booked through concierge or online.

5-star hotels

Needless to say, Malta and the smaller island of Gozo boast a considerable number of brand name five-star hotels in the St. Julian's and Sliema locations including some exquisitely upgraded 18th century palazzos in Valletta for instance, where such buildings are being lovingly restored to their former glory, vested with the present-day merits of state of the art boutique hotels.


What about shopping? Malta has it all. Luxury brands of luxury products, key European high street names. What you don't see, you ask for and what you see can always be improved upon. A case in point is luxury watches or jewels for instance where one finds many high profile brands introducing limited versions of their new collections on Malta, where the island's high density cosmopolitan character allows a good overview of market reaction to a product.


Where property is concerned, Malta and Gozo bask in foreign investment where property sale options are on high demand. Once bowled over by Malta's polyglot possibilities, many foreign visitors decide it is the best place in the Med to set up a base, especially since the investment opportunities of commercial and residential properties on the market are ripe and range from sea view and marina apartments and penthouses to regal 17th Century country hideouts as well as fabulous villas with pool. Buying a luxury property is a sound investment not to mention a safe one.  One may also opt for various residence schemes available in Malta whilst non Europeans may enquire about the Citizenship by Investment programme.  For information contact one of the RE/MAX Collection agent in Malta.  Collection agents are specifically trained to cater for the needs of affluent individuals and make your transition a smooth one.