Expensive Hobbies and Places in Malta Expensive Hobbies and Places in Malta

As ownership of luxury lifestyle developments continues to increase on Malta and Gozo, it is a known fact several foreigners see Malta as an excellent investment. A good number of these Foreign investors are also taking advantage of the islands' benign allowances in this regard. 


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A Millionaire on Malta A Millionaire on Malta

Malta unfailingly attracts people who can enjoy luxury with a capital 'L'. This is not a novelty of our times. Wealth has always lived well on Malta, starting from the times of the Knights of St John whose permanence on the islands attracted foreign princes, dukes and lords from all over Europe. 

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Buying A Home in A Special Designated Area in Malta Buying A Home in A Special Designated Area in Malta

Located in the Mediterranean, Malta has been popular for decades as a great destination for tourists as well as for expatriates interested in investing in real estate in Malta. For the last two decades, favourable tax regulations, improved red tape, increased accessibility and regulatory development has encouraged a growing number of people to invest in Malta property.


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Buying art in Malta Buying art in Malta

One of the most prestigious things to make a luxury home in Malta really stand out is definitely the inclusion of objets d’art. Whether it be a painting, a sculpture or a collectible, art remains a strong investment favourite as its value tends to increase with time and with the evolution of the art world.



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Luxury homes in Malta and abroad Luxury homes in Malta and abroad

In my teen years I used to spend much of my free time during the summer holidays at St Thomas Tower in Marsascala where we used to enjoy a light snack together with my circle of friends. I recall that I used to fantasize that when I grow up I would buy the Tower and convert it in my home, my luxury property. I had all the plans for interior design in mind and definitely original they where. A dream which to date (over 20 years passed since than) has not come true not because I changed taste on this front but bluntly put, maybe because of lack of cash!


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